the creation of noumì


When tradition, innovation and sensitivity meet, an extraordinary concept is created.


Everyone loves it: the traditional pho soup.  The strong broth with different notes of cinnamon, star anise and cardamom result in a tasty aroma.  So far, the broth has played the main role in Pho.

but what happens when the pho, brightly colored with its own flavor note, can add even more fascination to the pho classic?  

The siblings Bien and Tuyen have found the answer with their many years of gastronomic experience and creativity.


 They underline the delicious bouillon of the Pho soup with colorful, tasty noodles that they make themselves.  This gave rise to the idea – so far lesser known – noodle dishes from Indochina, to give noodles a new touch with the “Colorful Asian Flavors”!


Voyage & Enjoy!  

Escape the ordinary and let Noumì pamper you.